2016 Hyehwa Art Center

Assimilation of Self and Cosmos

My art begins with self as a starting point and foundation, further questioning the essence of the relationship between self and the world. Living in this seemingly diverse but harmonious universe, I was in pursuit of an absolute and universal spiritual truth, beyond physically visible matters. My art naturally took on an abstract form and it transformed from just a physical product into one where the feelings of my heart and my spiritual contemplation can be encountered.

From inspiration to imagery, I expressed my art through the poetic interplay between color and texture on Hanji, a traditional Korean paper.

I wanted to express the mystery of the universe, the birth of life by love of two worlds: Yin and Yang, or Heaven and Earth. Furthermore, the unification of heaven and earth into one expresses the eternal encounter of creation. In my painting, Heaven and Earth, the circle and the horizon representing heaven and earth are based on this thought.

I wanted to express the world of love and peace entangled with splendid life forms, the individuals in Cosmos whose spiritual lifelines are restored. The painting Relationship of Life expresses all living beings of world which are one body connected to each other within God.

This could be interpreted as willingness to return the self, a spirit, to the Cosmos, heaven and earth, to get a true freedom.


Sangbok Lee