Living in the midst of Heaven and Earth, we live in the universe consisting of a visible world and an invisible world. Beyond this visible world, I tried to visualize the invisible world of spirit. Especially, I wanted to embody the spiritual world of the source, principle, and universal order with aesthetic sensibility.

This began with awareness of my existence. Topics of my interest have been “a meeting between the ego and the world,” “Heaven and Earth” and “the relationship among living things” while exploring the relationship between the universe and humans. The creatures living in the universe are connected to each other and are connected to the lifeline, which means the energy and vitality of life in space. And there are especially beautiful creatures. We – beautiful creatures, such as jewels, were symbolized and expressed as “flowers” or “stars.”

Recently, I have become interested in ‘space’ while searching for my essence and identity from a cosmic point of view. It was intended to capture the cosmic characteristics of the part and the whole, and the whole which is the part in the canvas. In the relationship between the microcosm of “human” and the universe, the mind and the Sun become one, and also Heaven and Earth become one with humans. I created the pieces thinking about the vessel that embraces the universe.

Hanji was used to express matière technique, and acrylic paints and various materials were used.

October 22nd, 2021